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Zone 2 IP65

  • Zone 2 IP65
    Zone 2 IP65

Zone 2 Corrosion Resistant Fluorescent Luminaires. For hazardous area lighting.

High efficiency Cat 3 (Zone 2 and 22) highly durable and versatile luminaires which offer resistance to impact and the adverse effects of moisture, dirt and dust. Designed and manufactured to comply with EN 50021 and are CE certified. Certification code: EEx n c II 3 GD T4 (Tamb -40 to +55 degrees centigrade). Certificate number: Epsilon EX02ATEX1167.

Standard Features

  • Unrestricted breathing enclosure, no need for annual gasket inspection or pressure testing
  • Stainless steel diffuser retention clips
  • Fire retardant UV stabilised impact resistant injection moulded polycarbonate diffuser
  • Glass fibre re-enforced polyester body for maximum durability
  • Quality high frequency control gear and sub components for maximum service life
  • Modern tooling ensures precision mouldings for a perfect seal every time
  • Poured neoprene closed cell anti-ageing gasket for a perfect seal


  • Flour Mills
  • Grain Stores
  • Dusty Environments
  • Cat 3 Zone 2 nominated hazardous areas
  • Marine Applications
  • Chemical Industry
  • Manufacturing Plants

Ambient Temperature Guidance

High frequency -40˚C - +55˚C
Integral emergency 0˚C - +25˚C

Zone 2 IP65 Specification Guide


Order Code Wattage L A Clips Kg LED Options Eye Options Emergency Options Discontinued Lumdat
ZEX136/HF 1 x 36W 1312 800 8 3.0
ZEX158/HF 1 x 58W 1612 1100 10 4.0
ZEX218/HF 2 x 18W 702 500 4 4.5
ZEX236/HF 2 x 36W 1312 800 8 4.5
ZEX258/HF 2 x 58W 1612 1100 10 5.0

To Order Features

(Add suffix to order code)

/840: supplied with colour 840 lamps

/E3: 3hr Emergency

/E3INT: Integral maintained three hour emergency

/E3T: Self Test Emergency

/WBCRMC1: Stainless steel mounting clips for single body

/WBCRMC2: stainless steel mounting clips for twin body

Example order code:
ZEX258/HF/E3INT – A 2 x 58 watt T8 corrosion resistant IP65 ZONE 2 fluorescent luminaire with high frequency control gear, polycarbonate diffuser, integral emergency facility and stainless steel vandal resistant diffuser retention clips. Supplied without lamp.

Note: All dimensions are in millimetres.

Zone 2 IP65 Dimensions

Zone 2 IP65 Dimensions

Zone 2 IP65 Datasheet

Zone 2 IP65 Photometry

ZEX218/HF Photometry


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