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Tandem Lightpacks

  • Tandem Lightpacks
    Tandem Lightpacks

Energy efficient T5 Luminaire. For general, industrial and commercial applications.

The Tandem range of Lightpacks offers innovation with the energy efficiency of T5 lamps. Designed primarily to replace 6ft and 8ft T12 battens, but also T8 battens. The Tandem body retrofits into the space left by the previous inefficient and expensive T12 or T8 battens. Reduces installation and redecorating cost and significantly reduces energy costs.

Standard Features

  • 6ft and 8ft single and twin options
  • Resilient white finish
  • High strength, mild steel body
  • High frequency control gear as standard
  • Gland entry points at both ends, plus on back of the body
  • Range of accessories available



  • Warehousing
  • Stock Rooms
  • Corridors
  • Plant Rooms
  • Factories

Tandem Lightpacks Specification Guide


Order Code Wattage L LED Options Eye Options Emergency Options Discontinued
LP6/221/HF/840 2 x 21W 1815
LP8/228/HF/840 2 x 28W 2415
LP6/239/HF/840 2 x 39W 1815
LP8/254/HF/840 2 x 54W 2415
LP6/421/HF/840 4 x 21W 1815
LP8/428/HF/840 4 x 28W 2415
LP6/439/HF/840 4 x 39W 1815
LP8/454/HF/840 4 x 54W 2415

To Order Features

(Add suffix to order code)

/M3: 3hr Integrated Emergency

Example order code:
LP8/428/HF/840 – A 4 x 28 watt T5 Lightpack luminaire, HF control gear as standard and complete with lamps.

Note: All dimensions are in millimetres.

Tandem Lightpacks Dimensions

Tandem Lightpacks Dimensions

Tandem Lightpacks Datasheet

Tandem Lightpacks Photometry

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Tandem Lightpacks Accessories

Tandem Lightpacks - T5 Hi Lite Aluminium Reflectors

T5 Hi Lite Aluminium Reflectors

A polished aluminium reflector developed for use with single and twin T5 Eye Pack luminaires to produce best performance in high racking situations.

T5 Hi Lite Aluminium Reflectors Order Codes

Order Code L W
LPSR/49/80/EYE 1183 125
LPSR14/24/EYE 583 125
LPSR21/39/EYE 883 125
LPSR28/54/EYE 1220 125

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